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Stable. Sizable. Secure.

Being part of a group of companies which with a heritage stretching back to 1953 and a diverse portfolio of businesses, provides us with a very stable financial foundation. Today, the Ogilvie Group has a turnover of over £200 million and over 400 employees.

Ogilvie Group comprises of:

NHBC Accredited

Ogilvie Fleet

Ogilvie Fleet provides contract hire, leasing and fleet management solutions for UK and European companies operating vehicle fleets of all sizes. In over 30 years this company has built a reputation for integrity and value in a competitive market.

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Constructionline Accredited

 Ogilvie Geomatics

Ogilvie Geomatics offers a full range of innovative topographical, hydrographic, engineering and geographic survey solutions across a broad range of sectors in the UK and abroad. Ogilvie Geomatics incorporates both Loy Surveys and Longdin and Browning Surveys. Both organisations are long standing and professional companies with a reputation for delivering quality survey work on time.

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Investor In People Accredited

Ogilvie Homes

Ogilvie’s residential properties are more than simply houses - they’re homes that provide everything you need for modern living. Many of our customers are on their second or third Ogilvie home, testament to the quality and comfort our houses provide.

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Investor In People Accredited


Assisting when unwanted attention invades the private and family lives of people in the public eye. We come to the aid of many celebrities, public figures and companies, subject to unwanted attention across the Internet.

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